Teaching/ Learning Heat Sources and Flames? Consider this Engaging Animation

  A Screenshot of Bunsen Burner Animation from Pearson Places
Heat sources  and flames is a Form One Topic. Bunsen Burner is one of the most reliable heat sources used in laboratories. Students are therefore taught how it works including lighting and putting it off. The source of energy for the burner is gas, which implies that failure to use it properly may lead to disastrous fire.

Students are taught step by step procedures on how to light and putting it off without causing harmful fire. Thanks to Pearson project which summarized the procedures in this engaging animation where students are given an opportunity to practice the procedures before they face a real Bunsen burner.

Failure to light or turning it off according to the procedures, the animation will explode. This is one of its beauty. It allows students to test their understanding on the types of  Bunsen Burner flames and skills on how to light and putting it off. You can access and use the Bunsen Burner animation here

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