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Classroom Assessment in Learner Centered Pedagogy

In learner centered pedagogy, teaching approaches have changed. Teachers are facilitators of learning and students are experts who interact extensively with available resources to build on their knowledge, skills, and understanding of the subject matter. 
In learner centered pedagogy, classrooms should be viewed as “Workshops” and students as experts who interact with available tools (learning resources) to produce desired products (achieving learning outcomes). One of the potential role of teachers/ facilitators in these workshops is to ensure all the necessary tools (learning resources) are available or arranging effective use of few available resources. 
To be clear in the issue of availability of learning resources, I don’t believe in the “lack of sufficient resources” saying. I believe in the idea of using the only few available or a single resource available in a meaningful way. I remember my little thinking;
It is far very helpful for a teacher who think of a way to share the only…

Understand Four Purposes of any Educational Assessment Process

Addressing the Challenges of Implementing Learner Centered Pedagogy: A Focus on Learner Centered Assessment


Performance Based Assessment in Maths: Hampton High's Disaster Relief Mission

A screenshot from a Video Documentary of the Hampton High's Disaster Relief Mission.
In one of my articles (read it here), I highlighted the importance of sharing classroom teaching experiences. In another article, I noted about the rare culture of African educators, and specifically Tanzanian teachers in sharing their teaching practices.  This culture is common to European teachers. There is a tendency for them to document their experiences on how they organize, plan and enhance student learning.
As a means of stressing the importance of documenting our teaching practices, today I present to you another example from Mathematics Teachers in Hampton High School. To test student understanding of the trigonometry topic, teachers had to plan for a project which could allow learners to apply their knowledge, skills and understanding of Trig. The project was named Disaster Relief Mission.
But, before moving on, what the heck is this Performance Based Assessment? It is a form of hands-…